Adventures in ham radio

It’s been just over a year since I made my first “digital mode” QSO.    It was an RTTY QSO with with 4A4A, during their 2011 DXpedition to the Revillagigedo Islands.

Since then, I’ve made about 300 RTTY QSOs with hams in 76 countries.  I have 56 confirmations (all but one through LOTW).     And last April, after reading an article in QST, I even made a couple of QSOs in JT65.

I cannot say that I’ve been bitten by the digital modes bug.  They’re fine.  I enjoy RTTY contests, and I like that it is helping in the DX entity count.

Well, in the past 12 hours,  I’ve made my first two PSK QSOs—PSK31 to be precise.  This time they were with A35YZ during their DXpedition to Tonga.   I’ve already worked them on 12 meters RTTY.   Last night I could just copy them on 20 meters.  They didn’t answer me at 90 watts.  So I fired up the 1967 Yaesu FLdx-2000 amp (purchased just a week earlier), and worked them easily with about 300 watts.    Same thing happened again this afternoon, but this time on 15 meters.




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