Adventures in ham radio

Saturday is the day, from 19:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT Sunday. I’ll be /M again this year, mixed mode, low power, and trying to activate an insane number of counties.

I don’t have time to create and format a table, so here is a pdf file that has the juicy details.

Please join the fun!


Comments on: "WW7D’s Plans for the 2014 Idaho QSO Party" (4)

  1. DEAR Darryl!

    I need your email address. Can you send me it?
    73 Laci OM2VL

  2. I worked you Boise/Gem on Sunday in 2014 IDQP but my log messed up. Can you help clarify the contact?


    Ray Myers

  3. Hi Ray,
    I have you in the log on 15m CW @ 15:00 GMT while I was on the BOI/GEM county line.

    — Darryl

  4. […] with our 7QP route, I found ways to add new counties here and there. The result was an ambitious 26 county driveathon across southern Idaho that included eight counties not activated in last year’s […]

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