Adventures in ham radio

WW7D/R will be roving the Pacific Northwest with about 170 Watts on 6 and 2, plus stuff for FM on each band. I’ll be capable of QSOs in motion as well.

Here is the schedule:

CN98 Mt. Pilchuck 11:00 AM-12:15 PM
CN88 Lake Stevens HS 01:25 PM-02:25 PM
CN87 Redmond 03:25 PM-04:25 PM
CN97 Mud Mountain 06:10 PM-07:10 PM
CN96 Mowich 1 08:10 PM-09:10 PM
CN86 Mowich 2 09:25 PM-10:15 PM
CN87 Mowich 3 10:35 PM-11:05 PM

CN86 Kalama, WA 07:10 AM-08:00 AM
CN85 Kalama, WA 08:30 AM-09:20 AM
CN76 Ocean Shores 12:15 PM-01:00 PM
CN77 Ocean Shores 01:15 PM-02:00 PM

Es openings may change these plans considerably.


Comments on: "2014 CQWWVHF Contest Plans" (1)

  1. […] different. It would be used if I couldn’t fly at all, as actually happened. I posted the plan here. The plan was to hit an ambitious 9 grids–quite a trick in the mountainous Pacific Northwest […]

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